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Alien Abduction
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Welcome to the world's oldest and largest research website into the Alien Abduction and UFO experience. Features include an Alien Abduction Survey, a discussion group, questions and answers, research, photos, drawings, personal encounters, and much more. Use our index at the top or left.

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      Frightening Abduction Phenomena of the Alien Mind Voices

      Caribbean Alien Abductions

      Alien Abduction Rape by Reptilians


      Feature Articles: Haunted House Exploration using Ghost Radar

      Have You Seen this Shape Shifting Monster?

      Dogman Reconaissance

      International Bigfoot Hunt

      Donald Worley: The Planet of the Cross

      Are Alien Beings Communicating with Us?

      Alien Abduction Survey - Have you been abducted?

      Welcome to the Alien Abduction Discussion Group

      Colorado Abductee Sees Perilous Times Ahead

      How to Prove Your Camera Really Photographs More Than You Can See


Some of the Most Popular Classic Articles:

Alien Abduction: Can It Happen to You? The world's largest web site on alien abductions has compiled this excellent online e-book for learning about alien abductions in your life. The AAER staff explore ways for readers to discover their repressed memories of alien abduction . . .

Man Finds Comfort in Sharing His Alien Symbols I came to realize in my writing you that I was really quite angry and fearful... I never realized just how scared I really was. I do now. And it has helped me to start looking at the matters in a whole different light . . .

Alien Message Seen on Eyelids I was afraid to sleep in my room. It was a shadow looking thing that I could see straight through. I couldn't move, or hear, but I could see, I was so terrified. I felt all tingly on my body. It disappeared and I was slowly able to move again, and when I gained full control I leaped off the couch to go tell . . .

How to See and Videotape UFOs Here is a sure fire way of seeing a UFO. The method used to see them is fairly simple. The theory goes that there are hundreds of objects flying through the sky everyday, as evidenced by George Ritter's hundreds of UFOs at this web site, but they only become visible as they pass . . .
We Are Not Alone - DVD or VHS Four hours of interviews with 8 exciting leaders in UFOLOGY. Eight half hour interviews were taped for David Twichell’s local cable TV show, “We Are Not Alone” . . . SETI Scientist Blocked from Revealing Source of Extraterrestrial Signals I am being very careful here so as not to violate the security oath they made me sign which states that should I disclose any further detail on this subject I will be subject to prosecution under the terms of the Official Secrets Act . . .
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